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amd64* it loads on the liveCD Pisty, amd64 is the 64bit version pisty: waht version of ubuntu Boohbah: that's fine. Did you download the 64bit amd64 version of karmic? oops amd64 version of ubuntu, what is the exact error message you're getting the liveCD loads on the liveCD, and after it's installed it will boot into the desktop. I'm currently on the liveCD pisty: what is the exact error message you're getting The installer crashed, then it said "I have no initrd found, try passing initrd= or insmod command" pisty: are you using an alternate or desktop install alternative pisty: why are you using the alternative install CD if you want to use the desktop because the graphical installer failed on the desktop CD pisty: is it a normal desktop install or did you install the alternate cd with an option in the desktop install (I think) normal desktop pisty: if you're using the desktop CD why are you talking about the alternative cd? the alternative install CD didn't have the graphical installer pisty: why are you doing the alternate cd install? pisty: I think you'll find that the error message has something to do with grub and it needs to be installed from a bootable medium Because I have read that installing server related stuff from the alternate CD is easier pisty: if you know what you're doing, you could use the server cd pisty: I don't know why you need to install it from an alternate CD though I'll do the server CD. pisty: ok - well use the server CD if you know you want the server CD thank you can anyone tell me how to join the





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Chew WGA V0 9 Rar zebtad

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